Here’s a list of good friends that provide us with fresh/local ingredients:

Glorious Organics –
Glorious Organics is a cooperatively owned and operated farming collective situated on Fraser Common Farm in Aldergrove, BC. They grow more than 30 varieties of certified organic salad greens and vegetables. We are proud to be using their products for our salads and sandwiches.

Rabbit River Farms –
A Richmond based, family run organic/free range egg producer founded by Steve Easterbook back in 1992. They are a pioneer in advancing local sustainable agriculture and also the first certified organic egg producer in Canada. Steve and his family put a lot of effort into the farm and we are honored to be able to say that we only uses Rabbit River Farms eggs for our menu items!

Namasthé Tea Co.-
Isabelle and her amazing tea crafters are based in Whistler, BC. They provide us with only the highest quality single origin loose leaf teas that you see on our menu. Come for a sip and you will know that not only does her tea tasted good but it also helps ease, balance and promote health.

Doi Chang Coffee –
Doi Chaang Coffee is a single-estate, premium Arabica coffee. It is certified organic, shade grown, hand picked, fresh water washed and sun dried. The green coffee beans are sent from Doi Chang Village in Northern Thailand to Vancouver BC directly. The beans are then hand sorted and freshly roasted to ensure the highest possible quality for each cup of Doi Chaang Coffee. They have a beautiful story about Doi Chang Village on their website, go check it out!

Thai Princess –
Jeng is the master behind this liquid gold. Various delicious sauces can be used for rice bowl as well as salad dressing and dipping sauce. An true authentic taste of Thailand in a bowl. For the first time ever, you try his creation in our cafe, ready to eat and served warm.

Rain City Soups –
Dan, the artisan soup artist, prepare his soups by hand and in small batches. Choosing only the freshest and most natural ingredients for use, you will find absolutely no chemicals, no preservatives and no additives in his delicious creations.

Olivier’s Bread –
An artisan French Bakery based in Port Coquitlam, BC. Their delicious, heart warming bread is a result of their ancestral craft bread-making methods along with the use of finest quality high-grade flour. We know of Olivier from our Sweet Naturally Bakery days when we used to share a kitchen in North Vancouver. The aroma of his fresh breads will always make you asking for more!