OK, we admit it – we named it after him!
Meet Mr Darcy, the unwitting inspiration behind our latest culinary adventure.

Darcy's Cafe - Darcy
As parents of a toddler, we had a hard time finding a place that serves fresh, healthy food for kids and grownups, as well as meeting all the needs of new parents.
So, instead of complaining, we decided to create it!


Now meet the parents – Frances and Dickson

Darcy's About Us
In our pre-Darcy days we owned and operated Sweet Naturally, an organic bakery known for our eco-friendly approach and commitment to using local, seasonal ingredients. You may have met us at various Farmer’s Markets, seen our baked goods in some of Vancouver’s coffee shops , or we may have even baked a specialty cake for you!


With Darcy’s Café, our ethos hasn’t changed, we’ve just added to our repertoire.
We serve a variety of delicious baked goods, as well as breakfast, lunch, kid’s meals and snacks. We try really hard to make sure we source the freshest and the best ingredients that we can get our hands on.
As well as fabulous food and a fun, creative playspace, Darcy’s Café is also parent-friendly. The bathroom is spacious, meticulously clean (of course!) with a change table inside. There’s room to manoeuvre and park strollers, high chairs for every (little) one and child safe cutlery for small hands.
Oh, and we host cooking classes for kiddies too!


Come by and re-discover the joy of eating out with your young ones!